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MediCoventures is a team of experts

A successful startup requires a team of experts. MediCoventures has teams of experts in both strategy and execution. Working with us provides provides your quickest connection to a vast network of service professionals whose purpose is to efficiently realize your objectives.


Attracting the right team involves objectively understanding what complimentary attributes are necessary.

7 Attributes to Evaluate when Choosing a Team for your Startup
  • Experience – having navigated startups before and experience with successful startups
  • Members – multiple, committed, members with a good reputation and who will give your venture the best possible opportunity for success
  • Incentives – alignment of incentives towards the ultimate objective of the company and not just the immediate need at hand
  • Strategy – a strategic team-oriented mindset that can evaluate all the business-related interconnections for the necessary activities and build a solid plan for success
  • Execution – the ability to get the job done correctly and efficiently regardless of the task at hand
  • Skillset – a skillset complimentary to yours and/or the team you have already established
  • Network – an extensive network of subject matter experts including legal, regulatory, clinical, product development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, design, etc.

The right team will ultimately help your idea realize its greatest potential and will instill an essential sense of confidence for investors looking to invest in your idea.

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Fund. Or Fail

becoming a fundable entity as quickly as possible.

Prior to seeking capital or funding an idea yourself one should objectively evaluate the fundability of their startup. We use the term “Fund or Fail” which means becoming a fundable entity as quickly as possible, regardless of whether you bring outside investors in or not. If your venture cannot become a fundable entity then have the courage to fail it and move on.

Download our free fundability worksheet

This worksheet will assist you with walking through our 8 key criteria

8 Criteria MediCoventures Uses to Determine Fundability
  • IP Position
  • Market Size
  • Competition
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Regulatory Pathway
  • Clinical Feasibility
  • Customer Validation
  • Reimbursement

Favorably address each of these criteria for your new venture and it will be considered a fundable entity.

Once fundability has been established the probability of success increases. In addition to helping your venture navigate the criteria for becoming fundable, MediCoventures has the ability to fund ventures with small capital investments or more significantly with in-kind services investments. For larger investment needs MediCoventures is connected to larger funds found in active investors such as angels, venture capitalists or government grant and loan programs that could be the source of capital you need.

MediCoventures will get you funded as efficiently as possible.

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A Process. Not an Event.

align the IP process as a competitive advantage.

Owning intellectual property within the medical technological space is a strong competitive advantage. Successfully obtaining that competitive advantage is a delicate, strategic process, not a single event. The steps towards a successful IP strategy are different for every new venture but all IP strategies generally involve a handful of similar steps.

6 Steps for Successful IP
  1. Do your research – know the patent landscape AND the market
  2. Pay for a patentability search – uncover disclosures you were not able to find
  3. File a provisional application for patent to the United States Patent Office (USPTO.gov)
  4. Follow lean methodologies, develop a prototype or three and talk to everyone you can about the idea
  5. File a non-provisional application to the United States Patent Office (USPTO.gov)
  6. Launch your product as quickly as possible

MediCoventures uses some of the best attorneys in the space. We know how to methodically align the IP process as a competitive advantage to the big picture and can do it for your new venture.

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More than Product Development. Innovation Development.

reduce the time and cost of the entire process of bringing safe and effective technologies to patients

The healthcare investment community has been pushing for higher quality development with less investment. The FDA Innovation Pathway recognizes “By engaging with innovators much earlier, more collaboratively, and in new ways, we believe we can reduce the time and cost of the entire process of bringing safe and effective technologies to patients more quickly.” (link) This has translated into a practice of incorporating strategic and management capabilities and outsourcing commodity design and manufacturing.

With 20+ years of strategic, design and management experience, MediCoventures is poised to quickly and economically accelerate product development.

3 Lean Startup Innovation Principles MediCoventures Uses
  • Learn – Start first and foremost with upstream market research which takes into account physicians, patients, and payers to convey the needs into user or customer requirements that the new innovation should satisfy.
  • Build – Requirements are converted to product specifications through rapid concept development and quick prototyping. MediCoventures is able to discover designs that address the market needs and understand how they affect downstream activities. (e.g. cost of manufacturing, clinical studies, publications, reimbursement and sales)
  • Measure – Concepts and prototypes are measured against the defined specifications and user requirements to determine if the product is safe and if it will meet a valuable clinical outcome within the market. MediCoventures has experience in developing and working in bench-top testing and animal studies in order to quickly verify and validate the success of the product.

Innovation development in a new venture requires starting with the end in mind. Learn, build, measure and then repeat until you are able to identify and validate a safe and efficacious product for the identified need.

MediCoventures will bring this proven process of innovation and product development to the development of your idea.

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A Strategic Plan

align all resources to a common business objective.

Ask anyone deeply involved in startups and they will tell you that statistically 9 out of 10 startups fail. MediCoventures creates and maintains visual plans to align all resources to a common business objective in order to improve the odds of startup success. Our plans start with defining the founders’ objectives, identifying the largest risks to success that needs to be eliminated first and then outlining a plan to efficiently remove the identified risks.

Draft dynamic, visual documents that portray the strategic plan from all angles.

6 Tools MediCoventures Uses to Develop a Tailored Strategic Plan
  • Industry Analyses
  • Financial pro forma
  • Visual roadmaps
  • Gantt charts
  • Competitive landscapes
  • Startup comparable matrices

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Build and Launch the Right Boat

Upstream marketing aims to understand the flowing market.

A market is a flurry of flowing activity similar to a river or stream. It is imperative to know your market, in order to define and build the right boat.

What kind of boat are you going to build that will be successful in the market and gain attention downstream? Upstream marketing aims to understand the flowing market, predicting and aligning the design of the best boat possible for it.

Product Management by MediCoventures will help you know your market and build the best product possible.

7 Activities MediCoventures Engages in for Upstream Product Management
  • Market research
  • Competitive landscapes
  • User requirements
  • Business cases
  • Product roadmaps
  • Business plans
  • Product Launch

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